Management Services

Some of our services included are as follows;

  • Maintaining the database of lessee records
  • Dealing with presale enquires and lease extensions
  • Dealing with Consents and Notices
  • Dealing with subletting, licence for alteration and issuing of share certificates
  • Preparation of the annual service charge budget
  • Arranging appropriate Buildings Insurance cover
  • Arranging for a planned maintenance report over 5 year period (condition survey reports)
  • Progressing major works per Section 20 procedure
  • Arranging and monitoring general repairs to the common part areas
  • Collection of ground rent and annual service charges
  • Swift recovery of the arrears
  • Convening and attending informal and formal meetings
  • Management and administration of contract services
  • Preparation of year end accounts
  • Attending to correspondence and telephone calls
  • Assistance in the explanation of the terms of leases and transfers
  • Liaison with maintenance contractors
  • Providing company secretarial services
  • Day to day aspects of residential property management

Repairs & Maintenance

  • Obtaining quotations for contract works
  • Provision of specifications for 'day to day' contract works
  • Obtaining of quotations for repairs
  • Appointment of contractors on behalf of our client
  • Procurement of Health and Safety, and Fire Safety, Inspections
  • Oversee major works / undertake the section 20 process for major works

Major Works

Major works are an integral part of the upkeep and wellbeing of the property. Depending on the property, these works are usually carried out periodically or in accordance with the lease. Due to the cost of these works the current Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 (as amended) requires us to serve Section 20 Notices to all lessees and any Recognised Tenant Associations. Below is a brief summary of the Section 20 procedure.

Section 20 Consultation and Major Works


  • Section 20 procedures apply to major works whether carried out by resident management companies (RMC’s) or other landlords.
  • The procedure is prescribed in detail in regulations issued by Government. Failure to follow the detail of the procedure can result in penalties.
  • The penalty for failing to consult is to limit to £250 per leaseholder the amount that can be recovered for the major works.
  • Consultation is required with lessees and any recognised tenants association (RTA). In this explanation lessees mean lessee and any RTA.


Specification of works

In cases where building requires major works, a specification of works is prepared by one of our panel surveyors. This is a detailed document consisting of preliminaries, preambles and a detailed schedule of works. In most cases major works exceed the set minimum of £250 per flat and section 20 procedures are followed to progress major works.

For further details please refer to the Major Works section.

Condition Surveys

Building condition surveys are carried out for the buildings that we manage and collect service charges. One of the surveyors from our panel of surveyors is appointed to carry out an inspection of the building and prepare a condition survey report. The report is intended to describe the general condition of the building and to identify remedial works required over a period of 1 to 5 years.

Projections are based on the professional judgment of the appointed surveyor at the time of inspection and any supporting documents available at the time. Inevitably, works in the future may change either by addition or in priority dependent upon issues such that cannot be foreseen.

It is not intended that the schedule should be a comprehensive list of all defects in conjunction with remedial works required; but a note/record of significant items, which are of concern in relation to the overall condition and standard of the Building. For buildings that require substantial works a detailed specification of works is prepared.
Condition survey reports are presented in the following format:

  • Area Part(s) of the building described
  • Condition description of current state of dilapidation
  • Remedial Works Recommendations for repairs or alterations
  • Priority of remedial works required are as follows;
  • Health, Safety and security
  • Liable to cause further damage resulting in high cost for replacement and/or high consequential component damage
  • Wind and weather tight with acceptable level of maintenance
  • Damaged but no immediate risk, no consequential effects on other components
  • An estimated cost for carrying out the recommendations excluding VAT
  • Year end estimate of when the recommended works are likely to become necessary, over the next 5 years

An assessment of the rebuilding cost of the building for building insurance purposes is also carried out at the same time. If you require a copy of this report for your building then this can be provided at a cost of £25 plus VAT to cover our costs for administration and photocopying.

Insurance valuation

The Lessor has the obligation to insure the property under the terms of the lease, it is imperative that the buildings are adequately insured i.e. the sum insured represents the current rebuilding cost. Insurance valuations are carried out as part of the condition survey report.

Asbestos Survey & Report

The Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002 (CAWR) introduces a specific duty to ‘manage’ the risk from Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) in non-domestic premises. The communal areas of residential blocks of flats come under this category.

For the buildings that we manage and collect service charges, a ‘Type 1; Location and Assessment Survey’ is carried out in accordance with the Health & Safety Executive guidance manual ‘MDHS 100, Surveying, Sampling and Assessment of Asbestos-containing materials.

The report contains the following:

  • Identification of suspected asbestos containing materials both by description & pictures
  • Risk Assessment for fiber release if disturbed

Management plan for future maintenance activities, which depending on type and the proposed task, may be carried out by contractors or licensed removal contractors.

Fire Risk Assessment

Under the Fire Safety (Reform) Act 2005, all non-domestic premises require Fire Risk assessment to be undertaken by the ‘Responsible Person(s)’ or nominee. The communal areas of residential blocks of flats come under this category.

Responsibility for complying with the Fire Safety Order rests with the ‘responsible person’. This is the person who may have control of any part of the premises i.e. manager or owner. As property managers for the buildings that we manage and collect service charge, a fire assessment is undertaken for the communal areas of the building. The assessment is complied with following a site survey by the appointed surveyor (physical fire safety) and documents audit (records of maintenance and the like). The document follows the HM Government Guidance ‘Fire Safety Risk Assessment – Sleeping Accommodation and ‘Fire Safety an Employees Guide’.


Under the terms of the lease, if the freeholder (lessor) is obliged to arrange insurance in respect of the common parts of the building, the lessee is required to contribute towards the cost of insurance premium. For more information, please refer to the insurance FAQ.

Consultancy Services

We have in depth experience in lease advisory services such as rent reviews, lease renewals, lease restructuring etc. We are aware that one of the major expenses to any business is the asset related costs, and we continuously intend to add value to our client’s real estate portfolio/assets.

Our vast knowledge of the property industry affords us with the opportunity to propose excellent project appraisal and analysis reports, which enables our clients to make sound property investments.

We have a team of competent professionals both internal and our partners who manage several complex property projects for the company, client and group companies.

Some of our services:

  • Identify residential and commercial property development opportunities in the market.
  • Advise in making freehold investments and disposal. Assist with the portfolio restructuring to maximise values and returns on investments
  • Provide building consultancy and project management services. Planning and executing of projects as per the schedule delivery
  • Undertake portfolio investment appraisals and strategically advise our clients
  • Advise in complex property matters and also litigate on behalf of our clients
  • Represent tenants and clients in finding property solutions to meet their requirement
  • Advise in complex property matters and litigate on behalf of the clients
  • Provide consultancy in the recovery of commercial rent, ground rent and service charge arrears